External function declarations

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External function declarations


Starting from version thinBasic have the possibility to interface with standard Windows API (application programming interfaces) functions and with 3rd party DLLs.

Windows API is a set of functions and subroutines available in the Microsoft Windows operating systems.


To be able to use an API function or an external DLL function, it needs to be declared. Declaration will let thinBasic know about the syntax of the function/sub and the parameters the function/sub will need.

To declare a Windows API function or a 3rd party external DLL function, use DECLARE statement before the function is used inside your script.


In order to execute an API function/sub or a 3rd party external DLL function, follow the same rules as standard functions.


There are still some limitations regarding type of parameters thinBasic is able to pass to external functions.

If you are in trouble, please visit thinBasic forum and leave a message regarding the problem you are facing and possibly specify an exact example. We will do our best to try to solve the problem as soon as possible.