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Sent to a window if the mouse causes the cursor to move within a window and mouse input is not captured.




callback function <dialogName>.OnSetCursor()

end function




Currently, you need to reach for Callback_WParam and Callback_LParam to retrieve the information as for %WM_SETCURSOR. Would you like some wrapper? Let us know!


Thanks to pseudo-object global nature, you can reach for any dialog/control pseudo-objects from this callback.


You can also reach for low level callback parameters.




uses "ui"


#resource "frmMain.rc"                          ' Resource file containing dialog named frmMain and button named btnClose


function TBMain()


  dialog new units, name frmMain, %HWND_DESKTOP ' Style and controls loaded from RC file,

                                                ' dialog and control have now automatic frmMain and btnClose pseudo-objects


  dialog show modal frmMain.Handle              ' Dialog displayed as modal


end function


' Event handler for named dialog

callback function frmMain.OnSetCursor()


end function