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ThinBASIC and FreeBASIC interop


Starting from version 1.11.7, ThinBASIC can use external compiler to produce DLLs to be used in thinBasic scripts.


ThinBASIC does not require FreeBASIC, but it offers an optional way to use FreeBASIC to compile DLLs, which can be used from ThinBASIC script.


While it was possible to use FreeBASIC DLLs in the past from the ThinBASIC, new ThinBASIC versions go one step further and, thanks to #Compiled / #EndCompiled, programmer can mix ThinBASIC and FreeBASIC code in a single script.


That effectively means you can develop speed up routines in FreeBASIC to boost your ThinBASIC code, without the need to exit from ThinBASIC IDE thinAir.


IMPORTANT: in order to be used by thinBasic, an official copy of FreeBASIC for Windows must installed in the computer.


Once installed and available a purchased copy of FreeBASIC, it can be configured inside ini file \thinBasic\Compilers\thinBasic_Compilers_Usr.ini

See \thinBasic\Compilers\thinBasic_Compilers.ini to have an idea on how to configure user version ini file