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How to use


thinBasic: how to use it?


After installation, all files with extension .tBasic or .tBasicC will be executed with a double click directly from Windows Shell.


Syntax for Command line:


thinBasic.exe  <Script file name> [Optional parameters]

thinBasicC.exe <Script file name> [Optional parameters]



thinBasic.exe is the Gui version of thinBasic

thinBasicC.exe is the Console or CGI version of thinBasic


thinBasic: how to edit scripts?


thinBasic comes with a complete editor called thinAir. thinAir is a complete editor dedicated to thinBasic scripts that will greatly increase thinBasic productivity.

Programmers will find thinAir unique in many aspects but more important is thinAir ability to create obfuscated script and stand alone executables.