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Default main function


thinBasic implements an optional "main function" logic.

If script contains a function called TBMain and during the script execution TBMain was not called by direct invocation, thinBasic will execute TBMain automatically.


TBMain is like the "main" function in C programming language.


TBMain template is like the following:


Function TBMain() As Long


  Function = <TBMain Return value>

End Function


Value returned by TBMain will be used to pass script return code to the calling process or to the operating system.

If script uses APP_SetReturnCode, TBMain return code will have an higher priority over it and will be used instead.


Is TBMain mandatory?


No, it is not mandatory. A script can or can not contains a TBMain function. It is up to programmer to use this feature or not.


I do not like TBMain name. Can I change it?


Yes, you can set up any script function as main function (at anytime during script execution) using APP_SetEntryPoint and APP_GetEntryPoint