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SDK stands for Software Development Kit and thinBASIC SDK in particular allows you to extend thinBASIC language with custom compiled modules.


It is the same interface thinBASIC developers use to develop official modules for thinBASIC programming language.


Supported languages


In theory, any language capable of the following is able to develop fully featured thinBASIC module:

ability to produce 32bit Windows DLL

ability to export functions

ability to create COM objects*


The ability to create COM objects is needed to create object classes, and is in theory not necessary if you want to stick with procedural interface.


In practice, the situation is as following:



Tier 1 support


Languages in this group are actively used for thinBASIC development and should provide you with the smooth development experience.


PowerBASIC for Windows 9.x

PowerBASIC for Windows 10.x

You can find SDK for PowerBASIC in thinBasic/SDK directory.


Tier 2 support


Languages in this group were recently used for thinBASIC module development, but may not provide complete range of tools or production stability.




You can find SDK for Rust at GitHub:



Tier 3 support


Languages in this group have available SDK in official thinBASIC installation, but were not tested recently used and their SDK is not up to date or uses outdated compiler:





You can find SDK for these in thinBasic/SDK directory - but please note it is very old, and documented in Legacy SDK section.