Tab Low Level Event Handling

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Tab Low Level Event Handling


TAB automatic handling events


To simply some common tasks when using TAB that usually would require many lines of code, thinBasic has developed few automatic event handling  functions.

Just one line of code substitute a lot of struggling when using TAB controls.


3 are the events handled by those functions:


When a TAB control is resized, all sub windows inside each TAB page must be resized.
In this case just add TAB_OnResize function to %WM_SIZE event and all the job will be done automatically

When a TAB page is selected, usually the job to be done is to hide the window connected to the previously selected Tab page and show the window associated to the new Tab page.
In this case just add TAB_OnNotify function to %WM_NOTIFY event and the above duty will be done by thinBasic engine

When TAB control is desroyed, all the windows associated with the Tab pages must be destroyed either.
In this case just add TAB_OnDestroy function to %WM_DESTROY event to have the job done.



Example: the following example show a typical dialog callback where %ID_TAB represent a TAB control placed over the window.



  CALLBACK Function cb_Main()



    '---Test the message

    Select Case CBMSG


      '---Message fired at the very beginning when dialog is initialized




      Case %WM_SIZE



      Case %WM_DESTROY



      Case %WM_NOTIFY


        '---Check which control fired notificatin message

        Select Case CBCTL

          Case %ID_Tab


        End Select


    End Select


  End Function